The place of the possible

Our growth agenda

This year, Wellingtonians elected a new Council, which is action-oriented and responding to the issues facing Wellington.


Wellington can be a world-class city where talent wants to live

We have all the ingredients to be a world-class city – people, location and lifestyle – but we are not doing as well as we could. In recent years, our economy hasn’t performed as strongly as some other cities and we rely heavily on the government sector to keep the economy afloat.

The Council has made significant investments in assets and programmes that have lifted the city’s quality of life, eg sports and recreation facilities, infrastructure upgrades and social housing.

We need to grow our income and we have the capacity to do soTop

To become a city that is sustainable, dynamic, connected and people-centred, we need a stronger economy and a growing ratepayer base. The stronger the economy, the faster the ratepayer base grows. The faster the ratepayer base grows, the more we can invest in the city.

The Council’s financial position is strong and we have the opportunity and resources to do more, if we choose to. We have an AA credit rating with Standard and Poors, our rates are not as high as many of our neighbours and we have relatively low debt.

We have committed to a growth agendaTop

Our role is to support and enable the city’s entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and workers to succeed. We have committed to:

We’ve already made a startTop

We have already made a start on projects that will achieve our goals, including:

And we’re committed to our 8 Big IdeasTop

Our future programme includes projects aimed at growing the local economy, including:


We deliver value for moneyTop

And in the future we will keep reducing costs by continuing our efforts to provide shared services with other councils in the Wellington region.



We are more resilientTop

And in the future we will make it easier and more cost-effective for building owners by providing rates remissions for earthquake-strengthening of their buildings.



Wellingtonians participateTop

This year:

And in the future we will celebrate and promote increased use of our events, services and facilities by residents.

We do the basics wellTop

And in the future we will match our investment in social services and infrastructure to the areas where the population and demand for services is increasing.



We’ve got plans to growTop

And in the future we will pursue our growth agenda by investing in projects that make a real difference to the local economy.